Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pictures galore!

I take about a billion pictures a day - here's just a few!

 Pat-a-Cake with Daddy!                 

Cousin love!

She and I both loved this wrap!!

Sunday best! 

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Lord loves us!!

I know I'm a little behind in posting pictures and telling everyone how wonderful our lives are now that we have the most perfect baby girl in our family. It's true, though. I knew before the Lord loved me. I knew He knew my name and wanted wonderful things for me. I just had no idea He thought THIS highly of send such a sweet spirit into our lives and trust us to raise her the way He would raise her. We are so blessed. Here are just a few of our favorite photos of sweet Katie Isabelle.

Cuddle time with Daddy before he left for work. I love seeing that. 

Yes...those are socks on her hands. All her mittens were dirty. And the socks actually stay on best! 

Singing already! :)

Oh so sweet. The girl LOVES her hands by her face!! 

We love our Squeaker - sometimes we can't help ourselves and we cry and the intense love we feel for her. It's amazing how much we want to protect her and keep the world from her. She is a choice daughter of our Father in Heaven and we must have done something right.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

5 days!

Phew! It's been quite a whirlwind around here! Ryan and I have been feeling the need to move out of the apartment we've been in for just over a year. But a few factors seemed to keep this out of reach - me losing my job being the biggest of those. But as usual, the Lord has a plan and we're just trying to figure it out. :) We found a HOUSE not far from where we were so still a small distance to Ryan's job and get this - the rent is CHEAPER than our apartment! We were approved for the house 30 minutes after putting our application in! That was last Thursday....and we've already moved in! It took 4 days of moving and the apartment is completely empty and the house is .....scary. :) I feel so indebted to those that wouldn't let me touch anything and if I picked something up it was quickly removed from my hands. It's difficult to watch people working so hard around you moving all of your stuff and not be allowed to help. But I'm grateful for their willingness and thoughtfulness and outpouring of love. We love our new home and are excited to bring our sweet Katie into this world into a home filled with safety, peace, and love.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

DEFINITE punch!!

Katie was moving around a little bit so I told Ryan to put his hand over my belly button. I helped him push down (because I tell him to push but he doesn't want to push too hard so I had to show him what I mean) and we no sooner stopped pushing than our little girl gave a good solid punch!! It was so pronounced we not only felt it but our hands moved!! He quickly lifted his hand and looked at me in wonder. I felt her squirming again and so I told him to put his hand right below my belly button....he did and got another solid punch!!! It made me laugh and then I saw his face - I probably shouldn't tell on him but it was such a sweet moment....he started to cry. I am so touched by the tenderness of the man I married. He is excited, nervous, and anxious for her to be here. And at the same time, he shares my feelings of the huge blessing of having a baby. I'm not sure what kind of mom I'm going to be, but I know for a fact that I couldn't have picked a more wonderful man to be my children's father.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Wonder and awe.....

I still find the fact that I'm pregnant hard to believe sometimes. She is one active little girl though and constantly reminds me she's real! Some days I wish it was time for her to be here....other days I think I'm never going to be ready. I was tested for gestational diabetes last Thursday and didn't pass the first time so then I was put through a 3 hour test (the first was only an hour) this previous Monday and they drew blood from me 4 times within that 3 hours. . . on an empty stomach. BUT I passed with flying colors.

More is going on aside from our blessing from heaven. I lost my job last Friday - it was a surprise, but I absolutely  have the most wonderful husband who is my support, my positivity (a word? it is now...), my laughter, and with no doubt the wonderful man my Father in Heaven prepared for me. I have always wanted to be a stay at home mom......but I always thought we would prepare for it first. Be that as it may, we continue to counsel with the Lord to find His will and follow it.

Well, now that I have more time at home let me figure out what magic I can conjure up so dinner will prepare itself. :) I believe its called....a crockpot. :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cute little girl

I'm not writing a whole lot....I really just wanted to post the cute profile shot we got of our little girl. :) I think she looks like a "Who" from the Grinch...

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Sometimes you have those days when memories flood your mind and they make you feel....smiley. Today is apparently one of those days.

This past weekend Ryan and I went crazy and left at 9:30 PM Saturday night and drove to Baltimore Maryland! My parents are there serving an 18 month mission for the Church of Jesus Chris of Latter-day Saints. We hadn't seen them since they left last September so we were definitely due for a visit! It was wonderful - short, but wonderful. My mother made us a baby blanket for our sweet girl!! It's beautiful!!
Naturally I cried. I've been telling Ryan for weeks now that I really wanted to get her a blanket - a personalized blanket that she can keep and use and love forever. THEN my mother hands me this. It's absolutely wonderful. Thank you, Mom. I feel so blessed to have you as my mother and I LOVE how excited you are that we are having a baby.

And let me tell you something about this baby....she's a mess! Feeling a baby move inside of me is a sensation like I've never experienced (obviously) but it's fun! Except when she steps on something inside and all of a sudden I have to use the bathroom! And now all the mothers out there are saying the line I've heard more than any other "Just wait. It gets worse."

So Ryan and I stayed until Monday, making sure to visit Camden Yards (home of the Baltimore Orioles) before starting the trek home. I loved being able to spend time with my parents - I've definitely missed them. It was also wonderful having time with my husband - he's a good man and he continues to love me despite my faults.

Life is good.